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Making Craftsmanship Accessible

Everything about JugelHOME store is focused on bringing quality home products to you. Our aim is to make the finest craftsmanship available at an affordable price. The products we offer are meant to be versatile so that they can be used in multiple different ways around your home. We only craft products we are willing to use in our own homes.

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Our Essence

JugelHOME is not just a name; it's a belief - a belief in offering not just products but solutions that elevate your everyday living. Our mission is to provide stylish home decor items that embody sophistication, versatility, and exceptional artistry, all at a price that is genuinely affordable.

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Our Philosophy

JugelHOME is built on the foundation of quality, pricing, and artisanship. Our Founder, Angel Hinojosa, believes in creating products that are not just stylish home decor pieces but actually add value to your life. Every item we offer is something we would gladly use in our own homes, reflecting our commitment to quality and practicality.

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Our Products

Our product range is versatile and thoughtfully designed. We strive to offer items that blend seamlessly into your daily life, enhancing your living spaces and experiences.

  • Quality:
    Every product at JugelHOME is meticulously crafted, undergoing rigorous quality checks to ensure they stand up to our high standards.
  • Pricing:
    We believe that quality doesn't always have to come with a hefty price tag. Our products are priced to offer value for money, making luxury attainable for all.
  • Artisanship:
    Our products are a testament to our commitment to mastery. We take pride in creating items that are as durable as they are stylish.
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Quality, Affordability, and Craftsmanship

Choosing JugelHOME means opting for quality, affordability, and outstanding craftsmanship. With our products, you can transform your home into a haven that reflects your style and personality.

Join us on our journey to redefine the concept of home essentials. Bring home the masterpieces of JugelHOME and discover how we can enrich your life with our beautifully crafted products.